Live, Love, get Hitched!

Jimmy (Ha) and Lily aka Ebony & Ivory LOL (I can say this because she's one of my best friends!) these two are a true testament to the phrase, "Love conquers all!" They exude unconditional love to everyone around them..we were happy to be part of their wedding nuptials (even if it's by default; pulling double duty as bridesmaid and coordinator! Overwhelming? Yes! But I wouldn't have it any other way) After 2 years of planning, every phone call, email and text message from picking dresses, to materials for party favors, to fabric textures, and even choosing lipstick colors no details were missed! This entire wedding was made with love~ as the entire wedding party participated in every DIY project. Long hours, sweat and plenty of tears totally happened. The end result was more than worth the time and effort for these two!! 

Photo Credits: Jonny Ngo Photography